Wedding Ceremony

Create an atmosphere of class, elegance and distinction with beautiful music during your ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony Music

I have almost 25 years of experience in providing music for wedding ceremonies and can offer a diverse selection of styles that will best accommodate your musical preferences.

By using online resources such as YouTube, ideally, you will be able to make song selections without having to schedule an extra repertoire appointment. (I am also more than happy to offer song suggestions with a phone consultation).  Should you  prefer a private rep appointment, an extra $50 fee will be charged.  The one-hour appointment must be scheduled in my home studio no later than one month before the ceremony. [Note:  exceptions are last-minute or long-distance contracts—rep appointment option is forfeited] At the rep appointment, I am able to perform song selections from my library and help you determine which pieces work best for you.  I will attempt to honor any song request, provided I am able to secure the sheet music if it is not in my library.  I reserve the right to edit songs with inappropriate lyrics.


I will provide my own equipment, but would prefer to use the church or facility equipment; e.g. if the church piano is out of tune, I will use my digital piano to ensure quality of sound.  I will contact the church office to determine what equipment will be made available to me.

2019-2020 Rates

Planning Appointments

Song selection appointment in my home studio (optional)          $50

Wedding rehearsal (optional)                                                      $50

Wedding Ceremony

Piano only                                                                                    $100

Vocals & piano                                                                             $200