album coverNo amount of wishing can cause a red light to turn green.  While you’re waiting, you can choose to be patient or you can run the light.  Singer and worship song leader, Toni Groshek, chose to wait – almost a decade – to add the word “songwriter” to her bio with her debut album, Red Light – Green Light.  This project features 10 original songs that tickle the ear (and the soul) with jazz, pop and funk arrangements, as well as Toni’s trademark, the power ballad.

Having grown up listening to the vocal stylings of legendary singers such as Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand and Maria Callas, Toni has channeled those influences into an ability to deliver a vocal phrase with clarity, passion and nuance.  These vocal qualities were also fostered during her two years of graduate work as a Vocal Performance major at the University of Minnesota.  Apart from that time spent in the Viking state, Toni has called Wisconsin her home.  She thrived in her seven year career as a worship song leader at a local church in La Crosse, Wisconsin and where she also started writing praise and worship music.

Red Light – Green Light chronicles the daily tensions that Christians experience in the context of living out their faith – busyness, fear, vanity, materialism, doubt, pride, and most importantly, the victory that one can experience over those struggles through a relationship with Christ.